Main collection

Welcome to the Main Collection for Autumn Winter 2023.

As the seasons change, True Artist welcomes you to a realm of artistic disciplines. Each piece is an effortless blend of elevated design and winter-ready practicality.

The essence of music is woven into every stitch and hue in this drop. Showcased by some real young musicians, we present a selection of modern pieces like the treasure cut pants, the oversized shirt or the reversible vest.

With the spotlight on theatre, we draw the curtains to reveal some practically warm pieces. Each garment is crafted with new shades like deep fuchsia, pale green, and navy blue, celebrating the unspoken emotions that theater evokes.

Each piece from this comfy drop dances to its own rhythm, awash with hues of lime green, soft orange, and violet. The fluid expressiveness of contemporary dance, woven seamlessly into each design, inspires movement and passion.

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