The Art of Winter Styling

The Art of Winter Styling

Discover our collaborating stylist Duygu Massol's favorite combinations and tips for the season.

Color blend

“Pink corduroy trousers paired with a snug pistachio green warm pullover create a lovely blend of colors. On the flip side, I have a genuine affection for these fuchsia padded overshirts! They're not just a timeless wardrobe staple but also a unique and rare find. It's amazing how simple outfits can capture a child's spirit and bring so much joy.”

Total Denim

“The collage denim jacket and matching trousers are my top picks this season. They're fun, different, and incredibly cool. These pieces effortlessly combine fashion and individuality, creating a standout look for anyone who wears them.”

Puffer Statement

“I couldn't resist the charm of pale pistachio green in this collection! The puffer coat stands out as a key element in True Artist's effortlessly cool and elegant vibe. When paired with brown, it creates a sophisticated yet playful combination, making it a unique and creative choice.”

“Joining True Artist from the start has been a rewarding experience and such a privilege. Working with the brand is creatively fulfilling, and I eagerly look forward to every new collection. I love the thrill of exploring new ideas and artistic inspirations. Each campaign brings unique challenges, making my role both exciting and fulfilling.”


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